End of May Meeting Update

From the virtual desk of iPad Champion Brandon:

Hello Cincinnati iPad Team,

I hope this email finds everybody having a productive Friday. Thank you to everybody that attended the end of May BMCC iPad meeting as we shared some great information and had some solid questions that need to be answered as well. If you have an iPad that was checked out in May please go see Jon Scharf in the main campus library to recheck it out for the month of June. This is vital to ensure that we are showing corporate that our campus devices are in circulation and this in turn will put us inline for more future devices.

We are still on schedule to roll out the iPads to new and incoming students on July 2nd. Our campus will be receiving the iPads in bundles of 30/40/50 (TBD) and will always round up to the next 10 (e.g., we have 42 incoming students enrolled for Pro-D in July, corporate will send 50 iPads so we have 8 on emergency reserve). We never want to be in a situation were we don’t have any iPads for an emergency situation or for faculty that need access to a device immediately. The weekly rollout calls are going strong and they have done a good job of laying a foundation for all departments on what the individual roles of everybody involved are in this fundamental shift of approach to teaching and academia. Below you will find 3 websites that everybody should become familiar with over the next 30 days as we ramp ourselves up for the most exciting initiative to hit BMCC in long time:

1). The corporate website for the iPad rollout à The purpose of this site is to have a centralized platform for information, resources, and FAQ about this giant initiative. All the PowerPoint’s and information that have been discussed on the weekly rollout calls can be found here as well.


2). Our campus website for the iPad rollout à The purpose of this site is to make sure that we have included all the information that affects us from the corporate website but also to give us a platform to update, evolve, and discuss new uses, applications, and approaches to teaching that we discover along this exciting journey!


3). The student and faculty resource website à The purpose of this site is to serve as a home base for all information and resources needed by either the faculty or students to be accessible from one webpage (this includes information for the iPads as well). If you are a ProD teacher you need to become extremely comfortable with this site as it gives you the template that will be used in the ProD classes about what you should be doing each and every day with the students to get them ready for the delivery and setup of their iPads on the Thursday of week three. The faculty area of this website is username and password protected. (Please see me or any librarian for the monthly usernames/passwords.)


Please continue working on finding applications and uses for these powerful devices and please make entries onto our campus website so that Jon/Abigail/myself can continuing adding this information to the evolvement of our iPad rollout. As always, if you have questions, comments, or concerns, please come see me or email me so we can find the answers out, have a great weekend!

By libraryexample

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