Medical Studies

MedLab Tutor Designed for students in health professions (medical, nursing, allied health) learning to record and interpret medical lab values from Complete Blood Chemistry (CBC), Complete Metabolic Panel (CMP) and Arterial Blood Gas (ABG). You can see illustrations noting the basic parts of lab reports and short-hand figures, videos explaining general steps for interpreting labs, and exercises that present lab results and associated conditions. Be able to see if a lab value is normal, low/high, or critical.

More info and apps on their site or download the app from iTunes.

Medical Dictionary A-Z Brings to you 200,000+ Dictionary Words that are specifically in the category of MEDICAL. It could be a Medical Term/DRUGS/Condition/Word/Short Name in almost all fields and specialties of medicine with their respective definitions & meaning available in our Medical Dictionary A-Z. One of the best/most exhaustive reference available in your pocket anytime anywhere! You can look up the necessary definition by means of the main search or of the alphabetical search.  Cost $0.99

More info and app download from iTunes.

McGraw Hill Case Files The Case Files series, developed by Dr. Eugene Toy from the University of Texas-Houston, is universally studied by almost all medical students on their various clinical clerkships. For the few among us who haven’t heard of it, Case Files consists of realistic cases and diagnostic discussions accompanied by several USMLE-type questions as well as clinical pearls to highlight key concepts related to the particular case. The link below is for a free preview of the app; the full version costs $29.99 and is available in 30 areas of medicine.
For a full review see here or download the app from iTunes.

Leiter Pharmacy App
Though this app was crated from a customer service angle for the clientele of a local pharmacy in San Jose, this free app has wide application as a calculation tool for all your pharmaceutical needs.

Download the app from iTunes.

ICD9  Lite puts the complete, latest ICD 10 CM , ICD 10 PCS ,ICD 9 CM ,ICD 9 PCS & HCPCS on your iPhone or iPod Touch or iPad.
The 2012  codes are instantly searchable and also browsable by their traditional categories. Search by code or description, through the whole ICD10,ICD9 & HCPCS or through just a category or selected nonspecific code. Images within the list indicate whether a code is specific or nonspecific. Tap to view the diagnosis and the full text of its standard description and to add it to your Favorites list for immediate access later.
Learn more on their site or download from iTunes.

Focus Pocket Dictionary Focus Apps’ animated videos place medical, scientific, and educational information at your fingertips. Choose from a range of topics and download apps to the mobile device of your choice. Complex themes are presented in a simple, clear, visual, and memorable format—ideal for personal information, professional training, and patient education.

See this link for information on the pocket dictionary series which delves into 19 areas of medicine or download a preview for the Cardiology app in iTunes.


5 comments on “Medical Studies

  1. “Compounding Pharmacy Application”, great for pharmacology classes and medicine dispenses and dosage calculations.

  2. “ICD-9/10”, medical terminology application that incorporates fun games into studying (e.g., hangman etc.)

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