iPad Committee Meeting Notes

From the Virtual Desk of Brandon Montoya

Hello BMCC iPad Team,
Thank you to everybody that attended our monthly meeting today. In the future, please try and make a collective effort to attend these meetings as our rollout for the Cincinnati campus is just around the corner and new and imperative information is becoming available by the day and these meetings serve as the platform to get that information across to the campus faculty and staff. We have created a new website that will serve as the “homebase” for our efforts to becoming iPad masters for ourselves and future students. Please bookmark this address: https://bmcipad.wordpress.com/ . You will be asked to open this webpage and make contributions in the “leave comments” section located in the apps review tab for any new applications or uses that you come across while having an iPad checked out. The goal is to have Jon/Myself serve as the filters of the information but for all faculty and staff members to have a stake in the ownership of this initiative. If you have ever worked with a “Wiki’s Blog” our webpage is to be used in that exact same fashion (i.e., a living website that evolves based on new and incoming information from all active participants). If you were one of the 5 people chosen to rotate your iPads (Shelly, Suzette, Anisha, Walter, Shannon) please turn your iPad and charger into the library ASAP as next months users are waiting on their turn with the devices. If you were chosen to keep you iPad for one more month (Lindahl, Avenido, Smith, McKinley, Leptak, Ellis, Wells, Susarret, Scharf) you still need to go to the library and recheck it back out for the month of May. Please do this ASAP so we can track the statistical usage of the devices. Thank you for all your hard work and support and I am always available for questions, comments, or concerns with our iPad program, take care!


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