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April Notes

1) Update from iChampion  Cincinnati is currently scheduled to be in the third wave of campus rollouts for this technology initiative. The tentative rollout out date has been updated to reflect either late summer (July-August) or early fall (September). Currently, BMCC as a system, is initiating the second wave of campus rollouts this month. The Pro-D instructors from the first wave of roll outs are communicating that the program has been a major success with incoming students and that they anticipate these devices to have a major positive impact on persistence, perceptions, and productivity of incoming and future student admissions. Due to the departing of our Faculty Development Director, I have been asked to prepare the ground work for training for the faculty before our roll out time frame. I am currently in talks with Tess Burns, who is the manager of Web Services and Social Media for Gateway Technical and Community College to come onto campus and put together a unique and tailored iPad training seminar that will cover the fundamentals of usage and advanced teaching, management, and productivity applications that would benefit both students and faculty.
2) Roundtable Discussion  Jon Scharf, BMCC Librarian, has done a marvelous job of helping me find applications that would be beneficial to faculty and students. Jon discovered a method for enabling JavaScript to play all flash files on the iPads without having to download and purchase any software. This was a big advancement because one of the main concerns that we have initially found is that over half the video clips that we have wanted to show were flash files that the iPad would not play; this no longer is an issue and I thank Jon for his insight into this issue. I will be sending a follow up email out after this one that contains YouTube tutorial on how to activate this wonderful feature. Jon is also in the process of constructing a video catalog that would be linked into the homepage of the BMCC library that would have a catalog of video tutorials for new students that will help troubleshoot both elementary and advanced applications and usages. Shelly Bosko continues to find new and useful applications that will benefit her students both in the classroom and extern setting for ECE. The two new applications discovered here were “Goodnight Safari” and “Seuss Band”. The former application is used to help turn children’s books into active learning experiences and the latter is used to help teachers develop musical skills and development for preschool children. Jonathan Smith, Dr. Leptak Moreau, and Dr. Lindahl have all discovered a social networking application that will create an in house network for all our students. This application is called “” and it will allow all appointments, communications, and invites to be addressed in house therefore allowing the banning of such distracting social networking sites as “”.
3) Q/A session  The April team wanted me to ask a few questions on my next iChampions WebEx call and they are as follows: does corporate have a checklist put together for all the things that must be accomplished in the Pro-D courses by the instructors and the iChampion; are we going to try and replace the computer labs with the iPad; will all ecollege work be done on the iPad; how do students print off the iPad; can we purchase loading docks for the library so students can have a better keypad to type on when working on research papers.


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