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Please be advised that not all of the features of eCollege are currently supported on iPad.

Pearson/eCollege is continuing to work on optimizing their product to fully support iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices. Some areas of the site require that the pop-up blocker be removed on the iPad browser to function properly (see below).

Can I print from my iPad on campus?
Can I use Vital Source on my Android based Smart Phone or Tablet?
How do I send an Attachment from my iPad?
How can I upload an attachment to a discussion in eCollege from my iPad?
How do I remove the Pop-up Blocker on iPad?
I forgot my Apple ID Password
Creating an Apple ID and using the App Store without a Credit Card
My iPad won’t connect to CS-ADMIN Wireless
How do I setup Citrix on a Faculty iPad?
Need VPN Access from iPad
Gmail link won’t work on my iPad through the Student Portal
Force Quit an iPad App
Change my Faculty Email Password in Mail App with iPad
An iPad App is Updating and asking for password for . I don’t have the password, what do I do?
AppleCare Support

Can I print from my iPad on campus?
No, we are currently not supporting wireless printing via AirPrint on the iPad on campus at this time. If you need to print a file that is on your iPad, we recommend the following work arounds:

1. Plug your iPad into a PC on campus and use iTunes to transfer the file to the PC and print it.
2. Use the Mail app on the iPad to send the file as an email attachment to your GMail account and login to GMail on a lab computer to load the file and print it.
3. Use a cloud storage solution such as Apple MobileMe (paid) or DropBox (free) to sync the file and then use the cloud storage solution’s website to load the file on a PC and print it.
4. Use a 3rd party app from the App Store like FileBrowser or QuickOffice connect to transfer the file over WiFi to a PC and print it.

Can I use Vital Source on my Android based Smart Phone or Tablet?
No, the Vital Source app is only available on the Apple iOS platform at this time. It is supported on iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone products.

How do I send an Attachment from my iPad?
On more traditional computers like desktop PCs and laptops, you would typically compose an email message and then attach a file before sending it. This is reversed on an iPad.

On the iPad, you must first find the file you wish to send using any number of Apps that the file could be stored within. Select the file and choose ‘E-Mail’ from the actions icon menu. A new email will then be created with the attachment already included. Enter an address in the To: field, enter a subject, and body and touch “send”.

How can I upload an attachment to the discussion board in eCollege from my iPad?
Unfortunately, eCollege doesn’t currently support attaching files to discussion thread posts on the iPad. It is a future enhancement we are working on adding. The best work around for posting an attachment you have on your iPad is to move the file using various methods from the iPad onto a desktop computer and then uploading the file from a desktop or laptop Mac or PC. Alternately, you can copy and paste the text from the attachment onto the discussion thread window, but be advised that all special formatting will be lost.

How do I remove the Pop-up Blocker on iPad?
To remove the pop-up blocker on the iPad, follow these steps:

1. From the Home Screen, choose “Settings”
2. Inside Settings, choose ‘Safari’ from the list to the left of the screen.
3. On the right side of the screen, find “Block Pop-ups” and flip the switch from ON to OFF.

When in the OFF position, pop-ups will be allowed to load.

I forgot my Apple ID Password
I need my Apple ID and password to download an App from the App Store on my iPad and I forgot my password.No problem, Apple can help you retrieve your Apple ID’s password online using their tool found here:

Creating an Apple ID and using the App Store without a Credit Card
If you don’t have a credit or debit card to create your Apple ID for use with the iTunes store, do not worry. You can purchase any pre-paid iTunes cards at various retailers and use that information to activate your iTunes account. For step by step instructions on how to do so, please see the link below:
Follow the instructions on this page for steps for setting up a new iTunes Store account without using a Credit Card. This allows you to download free applications without providing any form of payment information.

My iPad won’t connect to CS-ADMIN Wireless
For Faculty and Staff, there is an option to connect to an Administration wireless network at the campus. This Administration network is called CS-ADMIN and it is protected using WPA2 Enterprise authentication. From time to time, you may experience problems connecting to CS-ADMIN and the iPad tries to default to the STUDENT_WIFI wireless network which is open.

To resolve this problem, please do the following:

The issue is this: CS-ADMIN is WPA2 protected and STUDENT_WIFI is open. What that means is that when both are available, it will attempt to connect to the open network as opposed to the protected network if there is any issue with joining the WPA2.

The best way to get around this is by doing the following:

1) Go to Settings: General: Network: Wifi: and click the little blue arrow next to STUDENT_WIFI

2) In the STUDENT_WIFI screen that shows your IP address, etc there is a button across the top that says “Forget this Network”. Click that and agree to forget the network. That will a) disconnect you from STUDENT_WIFI and it won’t automatically re-connect.

3) Follow the same instructions for CS-ADMIN.

4) If you do not select STUDENT_WIFI again it won’t remember that network and it won’t try to connect again to it in the future, it will just ignore it.

5) Now, go to Settings: General: Network: Wifi: and select CS-ADMIN. It will prompt you for a username and password, use your Citrix/Active Directory admin username/password. Then go to Safari and try to browse to a website. It should prompt you for Cisco Clean Access credentials. Enter those there and then you should be all set on CS-ADMIN and it will stop trying to connect you to STUDENT_WIFI.

How do I setup Citrix on a Faculty iPad?
Provided you want access to the Citrix XenApp based applications you can use the Citrix Receiver App from the App Store and follow the instructions found in the ‘Configure Citrix.pdf’ file located here:,8

Need VPN Access from iPad
If you are a BMC Faculty or BMC Staff member, you may need VPN software on your iPad to access Citrix Apps or the Intranet/Sharepoint sites from your iPad when off campus. Apple provides a built in VPN client on iPad and iPhone that allow you access. However, this client needs special configuration information to work with BMC’s VPN system.

We can provide this configuration information but you will need to first open a ticket at which will create a ticket directed to your Regional TSS. When you do so, please use your email address for correspondence. We can not provide VPN information to non-employees and we will use your email address to confirm employment status.

Gmail link won’t work on my iPad through the Student Portal
When I click on the Gmail link or other portlets linked to the Brown Mackie College Student Portal from my iPad, nothing happens. It is like the link is dead. When I try it from a PC or Mac, it works fine.

Solution: The pop-up blocker is blocking the ability for that portlet to spawn a new window. To resolve this, from your iPad home screen choose ‘Settings’. From there tap ‘Safari’ on the left side of the settings window and then find the toggle to turn on/off the pop-up blocker on the right. Toggle the pop-up blocker to off.

Now try loading GMail again, you will get a prompt stating that the link will open a new browser window. Choose ‘Allow’ and you will see a new GMail page open.

Force Quit an iPad App
If you run into problems with an iPad app that is misbehaving. Let’s say it’s locked up and no matter how many times you quit the App and open it back up, it looks the same, it is probably locked up and running that way in the background. You need to force the App to quit and then re-launch it.

To do so, first double-click on the home button to bring up the list of running applications in the background. Next, tap and hold the icon for the application that is not working properly. The icons will begin to “dance” and little red (-) symbols will appear next to the icons. Tap on the (-) symbol to close the application. Click once on the home button to stop the icons from dancing, and then click the home button again to go back to the home screen. Now you can try to re-launch the App and it should work properly again.

If all else fails, you can restart the iPad by holding down the power button for 15 seconds and following the prompts on the screen to power down the device. Then hold the power button in to power the device back on.

Change my Faculty Email Password in Mail App with iPad
I am a faculty member who recently changed their email password and now my iPad is prompting me for the password over and over again. It does appear to like my new password or my old password. How can I fix this?

There are three things you will need to do:

1) First, make sure that your password is not locked out. If your account has too many bad password attempts, for security reasons your account gets locked. You can test this by trying to login to first. If you can not login there, then your account is locked and will need to be unlocked.

2) If you need to unlock your account, go to and follow the prompts to reset your account or unlock it. If you do not have a GATE profile setup, you will need to contact the EDMC IT Service Desk (help desk).

3) Update the password settings on your iPad by doing either of the following:

– Browse to Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> your Exchange account -> and find the password field. Delete the stored password and enter the new password. Save changes and exit.


– Browse to Settings -> General -> Profiles -> and delete the Faculty Email profile. Browse to from your iPad’s Safari browser, find the ‘Downloads’ section, then under ‘iPad’ and ‘Configuration Profiles’ install the Faculty Email Configuration Profile and provide your username and new password. Follow the prompts to install and enable the new profile.

Note: In both cases, be persistent. The iPad will prompt you over and over again until you’ve changed your password or removed your profile and re-added it. At first it will appear like you are unable to do anything because it keeps prompting, but if you cancel past it and continue to navigate through the options you will eventually get the chance to change the password.

An iPad App is Updating and asking for password for . I don’t have the password, what do I do?
Some iPads have been pre-loaded with Apps to help students and faculty get started easier with their iPad. The two most common Apps for pre-loading is ‘iBooks’ and ‘Vital Source Bookshelf’. Periodically, Apps will update and the iPad will prompt the user to enter the password that was associated with that App at download. The Apple IDs – and are service accounts associated with Brown Mackie College for the purpose of pre-loading the iPad. The passwords are not meant to be shared.

If you are prompted to enter a password for one of these accounts, what you will want to do is delete the App that is asking for the password and then re-download the App with your AppleID. To do this, follow these steps:

1- Delete the App: From the Home Screen, Tap and Hold your finger for 3-5 seconds on the App icon, all of the icons will start to ‘dance’ or wiggle. There will be a small black ‘X’ that will appear above the App. Tap that ‘X’ on the App you wish to delete. Follow the prompts to delete the App. Repeat for any other Apps that are prompting to update with the service account Apple IDs.

2- Re-Download the App: From the Home Screen, Launch ‘App Store’ and search for the name of the App you wish to download (iBooks, Vital Source, etc). When the App is found, tap the ‘Buy/Install/Download’ button next to the App, enter your AppleID and password. The App will then begin to download. The App is now replaced on your iPad and all books, data, etc associated with that App is now linked to your Apple ID. It will now allow you to update the App with your own AppleID from then on.

AppleCare Support
I am having a hardware or software problem with my iPad and need help. Who should I contact?

You will need to contact Apple via the AppleCare service hotline or on the web. Contact info below:

Phone: 800-275-2273


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